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Version 1.1.0


Released on 24th of October 2020. This release is still a free version with full features enabled.

What's New?

Queue Owners or business owners can Transfer their Queue
  • On your queue card, tap the transfer button 

  • Provide the email address of an iPiLaMOkO member

    • ​Optionally, you may also use the other user's code if they shared it you to invite them.

  • Tap Transfer. 

  • The app sends the email invite with the accept code.

Accept a transferred Queue
  • On your queue Manager Page, Tap the receive button on to top right corner.

  • Enter the transfer code sent to you via email.

Manage your team of Facilitators
  • On your queue card, tap Team Manager icon

  • Team Manager screen allows you to invite other users to become your facilitators

  • Just tap the add facilitator at the bottom right of the screen

  • Provide the email address of the user. Please note that only valid iPiLaMOkO users can be invited.

  • Tap invite button.

  • The invited party will receive an email and push notification on their mobile device.

  • Also on this screen, you may Revoke or Re-invite a facilitator by sliding their name card right to revoke facilitator rights, or left to re-invite revoked member. 

Accept Facilitator Invite or Reject/Leave facilitator role
  • A new layout is added to enable grouping of your own queue or assigned queues.

  • In the assigned queue, you will see all queues assigned to you.

  • When a queue invite is sent and not yet accepted, you'll see the button accept. Otherwise, you will see facilitate button.

  • You may reject or leave facilitation role of that queue by pressing delete button.

Create multiple schedules for your queue
  • This is an enhanced feature from the previous release. We've added label for each schedule.

  • It allows your business now to have multiple queue operations and can be labeled so customers will know which one to queue on. 

    • Example for Pet Care queue, we can now have separate queues for Grooming and Pet Clinic.​

  • When the customers get their ticket, they will see additional option to select which queue operation to take ticket.​

  • The schedule label has also been added on the queue ticket.

Feedback on queues
  • Users can now provide rating and feedback about your queues.

  • They can also see other people's rating and feedback.

  • Queue owners and facilitators can optionally hide offending comments, but will not be able to change the rating average.

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