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Build your online queue in a matter of minutes!!!

For business owners managing queues or pila of people on their business establishments


No need to hire expensive developers to build your mobile queueing app.

Create your own mobile queue in just a few taps in a matter of minutes. The only tool you need is your mobile phone.


Download iPiLaMOkO mobile app.

Startup Development Team
This app offers the following features:

Create your online queue in a matter of minutes after registration
Invite your employees or team members to facilitate your queues. Yes, you can create several queues if you have multiple businesses.
Create multiple queue schedules for different service or departments of your business. I.e. Cashier, Customer Service, Dine-in, Take-out, etc. This creates multiple queues under the same company or brand.
Get notified when customers get ticket.
Have full control of the customer on top the queue. You can move them to the back, or delay them for 10 minutes, or tag them as No Show. This allows you to serve the next in line who is already present in your business facility.
Have control when to stop issuing tickets.
Change status of your queue with ease.
This is very useful when you're already closing shop for the day, and just serve the remaining customers who already have tickets.
Calculate the speed of your service. This is also used by the application to provide your customers an estimated time they will be served.
Last but not the least, it allows your customers to manage their time effectively. They can do other things when they know they have enough time before getting called to be served.
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